Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beauty at Acheru! A picture filled post!

This past week I have spent so much time with everyone here. I leave my house in the morning for work and don't return until late at night. I want to make the most of every last day I have here to be with the kids and with their caregivers. I wanted to just take this week to make a photo post to just show more of the beautiful people I get to live day to day with. 

On Sunday I am leaving for a few days to visit my friends at GSF and say goodbye to my Solomon and Kenny. Then I will return for my last week here at Acheru. 

Okello and his father. Okello is one of my students who is always there first thing in the morning ready to learn! He is about 11/12 years old and has never really gone to school before.

Momma Stephan and baby Stephan!

Scovia and Okello both came back! 

This is our Orthopedic officer Johnson. He has become a close friend and neighbor!

All the patients waiting for dressing and or exercise!

Resty is a shy teenage girl who loves to just sit by me and after about 10 minutes of silence she will tell me a little bit about her life in the village.

Doris and Jennifer with baby Joshua (the nurses baby)

Catherine with her mother and brother Frank.

Aisha with her mother and brother Musa. Aisha is here due to a sore on her leg that we believe comes from the water in her village. Many patients have come from this village with the same sore.

Mama Peter, Lookman, and Peter waiting for dressings! Peter has been here nearly the whole time I have been here. He is finally saying "Emmy". He will hopefully go home soon. Pray for Lookman as we continue to figure out how to best heal his wound as it doesn't seem to be getting better right now.

Adolph and Allan. Two crazy boys!

This is how I spend a lot of my free time. Painting nails for the girls. Keep Aminah in your prayers as well as her wound seems to be getting worse. She comes from the same village as Aisha. We believe the same dirty water has caused this bacteria in her.

Daisy and Peter.

Seriously so cute.

This is Adolph's dad. He has been digging none stop since they arrived. He works from 6 in the morning till 7/8 at night with only about an hour break for lunch. He decides to work these hours. He is the most patient and hard working man I have ever met.

I peeked into the house one afternoon and found Lookman and Luke peeling potatoes.

This is how I spend most of my saturdays. Under the mango tree with everyone.

The kids playing their favorite Ugandan game. I still have yet to figure out all the rules, but somehow I win everytime! I think they let me.

Entering into home!

Lillian also came back for a visit!

One day Bosco and Martin decided to try and bathe our dogs. They did not enjoy it.

Adolph has had one of the quickest recoveries we have seen! He was only here for about a month and a half. When we first arrived they took him on an emergency trip to Corsu (the hospital) for surgery as his bone was dead and sticking out of his leg. A month and half later it has closed up, healed, and he is running around like nothing!


  1. Love all these pictures!! Praying for you as you transition.. Love you friend!

  2. Its okay Aaron. Let it out.. Let it out..