Friday, February 28, 2014

All the funny things about home.

So now that  I have been back in the USA it has been fun for me to see what things feel different to me. Even just being gone for a short 7 months I got really used to things in Uganda and somethings became so natural. Now that I'm back I see that some of those things pop up in random moments. Most of the times I stop and chuckle at the things I have become used to!

1. Cars drive really slowly and really far apart from one another here.

2. Sometimes I wake up in the middle night and freak out thinking I forgot to put my mosquito net down.

3. A few people have found it odd when I return their how are you by stopping and turning to them and saying "I'm fine, and how are you?"

4. I want to call every guy Sebo and everyone woman Niabo. 

5. Sometimes I feel out of place when driving in my car because I'm on the opposite side. I've also nearly walked out on a busy road because I looked the wrong way.

6. I go for a glass of water and my first instinct is to ask "Is this clean?" The same for veggies. My first instinct is to ask "have they been soaked?"

7. Every shadow I see on the wall I keep looking for the gecko running down. Everything I see out of the corner of my eye I think is a bug running by.

8. I keep not watching youtube or any videos because I'm scared the data will run out.

9. Everyone is really still at church. No dancing? Come on folks! Move a little!

I know there are even more things I find funny here. It's all apart of the transitioning back home. It's all gone really well and I thank you guys for your prayers. Tomorrow I am moving down to South Carolina to start my new job at Thornwell Children's home. Its nice to keep my mind busy but every morning I wake up thinking of my friends at Acheru. Somedays are hard but it always makes me trust in God. I have to remind myself that He is still there and that is way better than me being there. 

A few of the faces I miss daily!
Doris and Jennifer!

I miss the constant hair playing/pulling haha




and of course...Daisy!

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