Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rest for the soul

::Stand at the crossroads and look, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls::
Jeremiah 6:16

I feel my life is always in a crossroad and I'm constantly wondering whats next? A year ago I was at one of these crossroads. Asking Christ what was next. Where was He leading me to next? That answer? Uganda. Though it wasn't always easy and sometimes I really questioned whether I was to go or not I followed His command. I walked in His path. And what did I find? I found rest for my soul. 

A week. I officially have 1 week left here in Uganda. 1 week and I'm at another crossroad. 

I remember this same countdown seven months ago. Counting down to leave for Uganda. I remember every emotion I felt at the time like it was yesterday. Scared, excited, nervous, and unsure. It's funny how those are the same emotions I feel now going back "home". 

I'm scared with what my future will look like. Excited at the possibility of a new career, seeing family, and friends. Nervous of this same change. Unsure of what is going to happen and how I will feel.

Most of all I'm sad. Sad to say goodbye to the kids. Sad to leave the staff. Sad to loose such an amazing community. Sad to leave the simplicity of life. 

Today I spent all day with the kids and moms. We painted nails, made bracelets, taught each other our languages, laughed, sat in silence, and played games. Through out it all the older girls would randomly come and sit with me and start singing songs and reciting our memory verses.  It was the perfect last Saturday. 

Later in the night I sat and watched a football (soccer) match with everyone. One of the little girls Sharon snuggled right into my lap. Ronald snuck his way in beside me and leaned against us as we watched the game. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to let Sharon go. I held her tight. As she looked up to me we both just bursted out in laughter. How can I leave this? 

Can you spy the one mzungu? 

Some of my new friends. Resty, Monica, Brian, Ronald (in the blue) and Sharon on the far right.

I also got to stop by GSF one last time to say goodbyes. Here I am with Julie and all our babies at GSF!

Two of my hardest goodbyes. Solomon and Kenny!
Can you believe that I have known this boy for nearly 4 years now? Me and Solomon on my first trip to Uganda. He had my heart from that very first trip!

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  1. I spotted the one mzungu! It's the one full of the love of Jesus...