Monday, February 17, 2014

Final goodbyes and video!

If you have 10 minutes to spare and would like to watch...this is the video that Luke made for me at my goodbye party. The ending was such a sweet surprise!

Goodbye Emily!
(Click there!)

Final goodbyes. I wish I had videos to show how the mothers from the north had come crowding the cards shouting and dancing around it. I will forever cherish that moment.

Aisha and Olivia.

Olivia didn't want me to go. She tried stealing my bag

My roommate Brenda!

Our matron Auntie Maggie. The woman who took care of me for the first 5 months :)



Saying goodbye to the moms. "When are you coming back?" "I don't know!"

My final hug goodbyes to my sweet Ronald and Okello.


Goodbye smooches for sweet Daisy.



Martin and his daughter Olivia!

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